Safety Training & Education

If safety were common sense, we would be born safe, but we were not. We learn (sometimes the hard way) how to be safe from not touching a hot stove to deenergizing electrical equipment before performing work on it.

Safety by Design has qualified Safety Professionals ready to assist you with any and all of your training and education needs.

Project Safety Oversight & Support

Sometimes it just makes more sense to hire Safety by Design for your project safety oversight rather than hire someone in-house. Projects sometimes only last a few weeks or months and then what do you do with your new employee? Either take them on as overhead or lay them off, neither of which is making you money.

Safety by Design offers qualified safety professionals to assist you with your project oversight needs which is much more cost effective than hiring someone in-house.

Another advantage to using SBD for this service is the ability to have our whole team at your service for no additional charge.*

When you hire one or more of our safety professionals, the rest of our staff is there for support and quality assurance.

* Charges may apply if you request additional services but general consulting, research, and support are all included.

Retainer Turnkey Safety Services

No one likes paying their insurance premiums every month but if that hurricane hits or someone breaks into your house, you are sure glad you had it, right? Safety by Design has many clients that look at us like insurance and pay for regular monthly services on a fixed, flat rate.

The difference between Safety by Design and your insurance company is we are proactively working to avoid problems whereas insurance is there only when problems occur. Let us design a system that works for your company. The cost is almost always significantly less than hiring one individual to manage your SHMS.